American company threatens to sue DJ Bongz over R800 caps

2016-04-28 10:26


DJ Bongz. (Photo: Facebook/DJ Bongz)

Cape Town – DJ Bongz caused drama on Twitter this week when news broke that he would be selling branded caps for R800 each.

Twitter was furious over the hefty price tag and soon a social media storm erupted.

But according to a post on DJ Bongz’s Facebook it was all part of his plan.

“Monday night I released one of the biggest campaigns in SA - the infamous ?#‎Gwaragwara?? caps... Everything that happened afterwards was all according plan,” he wrote.

He added: “I knew that a scandal would attract much hype. It's not your fault that you don't see value in your OWN people‚ brands and yourselves. It's a result of centuries of indoctrination that as a black child you should train yourself to be a good servant (now that physical slaves have been abolished but MENTAL SLAVERY TOOK OVER).”

The cap:

American company claims copyright:

But an American company named VIANEL was clearly not clued in on DJ Bongz’s plans.

The New York City based business threatened the South African muso with legal action over the fact that he used an image from their website without permission.

The photo of the cap used by DJ Bongz in the Gwara Gwara campaign is part of VIANEL’s Fall 2015 collection.

VIANEL tweeted: “Please stop using our images to promote your product. This image is copyrighted and belongs to VIANEL only.”

But DJ Bongz doesn’t seem too worried.

He tweeted on Thursday: “Still waiting for u guys to sue me. I'm really craving a court visit.”

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