An Oprah moment on vacay with Mo and Mome

2016-01-08 07:00
Tol Ass Mo & Mome (Instagram)

Johannesburg - We're not sure what they put in the air, but seaside vacays really seem to make you think a whole lot clearer about life and turn you into, like, a mini philosopher.

It happened to Trevor Gumbi in Bali recently, and now it seems it's hit Mome in Zanzibar

Mome and hubby, Tol Ass Mo are currently on a #daddymommycae - because, you know, baecays are so last year - in Tanzania and Zanzibar.

But it's not all sun, sand and short bikini's for the couple, especially after they had the chance to meet and learn about the local Masai people.

Let's just say they helped Mome realise something a lot of men may not be too happy to hear - especially if your name's Sipho

"It's in me to generally get mad when a man ill treats a woman, the most amazing thing I learned from Masai tradition... To become a husband you have to kill a lion then wear the outfit his wearing, back home," she wrote, before adding: "Sipho can't even kill a rat or spider but he can mentality, physically, financially, emotionally abuse a woman cause he paid lobola."

Oh, that shade she just threw? It doesn't come from that palm tree they standing under.

Although, their holiday snaps are quite nice...

A photo posted by Mrs Mome mahlangu (@mrs_mome) on

A photo posted by Mrs Mome mahlangu (@mrs_mome) on