Anele trends over not addressing Ma Ribs 'properly'

2016-02-22 14:00


Anele Mdoda (CliffCentral)

Johannesburg- There was major debate surrounding Anele Mdoda's Twitter comments about addressing her colleagues, which includes Rebecca Malope, by their name instead of the way elders are addressed in African culture. 

Twitter users dug into Anele, which saw her make the Twitter trends list on Sunday night. 

Some users accused Anele of not respecting her elders, while others called her out for not adhering to their culture. 

Not one to mince her words, Anele hit back strongly at the statements made to her. 

"Let's get one thing straight. I call Rebecca, Rebecca every where. We are colleagues, she is not my mom. Why not call Zwai bhut Zwai then?," Anele tweeted. 

Anele also argued that she will not address someone as Ma, just because of cultural beliefs, as everybody has different cultural beliefs. 

Speaking to The Juice on Monday afternoon, Anele explained that she didn't see it as a debate or as an attack from Twitter users, but rather as a disagreement between people. 

"I really don't see where the problem is unless Rebecca herself complains about the way I address her, no one else has the right to have a problem," she said. 

Here's the tweet that started it all...

Here's some of the reactions...

Of course Anele didn't take the comments lying down...
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