Aubrey Poo's Isidingo exit not permanent

2015-11-27 16:00


Aubrey Poo (Instagram)

Johannesburg- Actor Aubrey Poo will soon exit popular soapie, Isidingo for a while. 

The theatre star who plays the character of the crooked Pastor Gabriel has definitely become a fond face among fans. 

If you're an Isidingo fan, then you'll know exactly what we're talking about. 

Pastor Gabriel's dodgy ways and antics will certainly be missed, even if it's for a few weeks or months. 

But Aubrey told Move! magazine that viewers should not see this as the end of Pastor Gabriel. 

Apparently the pastor will hand himself over to police and will spend some time in jail, but this apparently won't be the end of the pastor.

"Pastor Gabriel will do his time in jail. He will definitely come back and his role will be as colourful and interesting as ever. People should look out for that," Aubrey told the mag.