Bonang Matheba dominates social media

2015-12-23 08:00
Bonang Matheba (Instagram)

Johannesburg – Bonang Matheba may have had one of the most controversial years in her career, but her brand power continues to grow despite this.

With a staggering 1.3million followers on Twitter alone, and over 600K followers on her Instagram page, there’s no doubt that B’s brand has missed any perceived dents.

After being fingered as the other woman in DJ Zinhle and AKA’s relationship, a claim she denied, Bonang saw her name thrust onto trending pages on social media for days and days. But it’s a phenomenon that she’s used to, even with the bad press.

Any person, fan or not, will tell you that a simple reply or RT from Queen B means at least a couple of followers as a result, and worst case scenario, a lot of favourites.

At the time of the scandal, PR guru, Melanie Ramjee told us that it was something that would blow over. “If it was going to damage her career, it would have already happened. Things like this blow over very quickly.”

The big question after the AKA/Zinhle incident was whether Bonang’s endorsements would come out in tact. And just like Ramjee predicated, they did.

As a Metro FM radio host, a TV presenter on Afternoon Express and Top Billing, brand Bonang has emerged stronger than before, proving once again that any real damage to an empire is difficult.

As for the person behind the brand? Well, that’s a different story. Through-out the year, numerous sources have told us of Bonang supposedly feeling the pressure and buckling to the hurtful comments made about her on social media. Which, by the way, is completely normal. But she’s held her head high, having the occasional poke at a nasty follower.  The Channel24 Awards in association with The Juice crowned Bonang the Overall Golden Crown Winner for 2015. The award demonstrates that love her or hate her, Bonang continues to dominate.

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