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Bongo Maffin the casualty in Ntsiki and Stoan's Twitter war

2015-12-28 13:00
Bongo Maffin, Ntsiki Mazwai, Stoan Seate (Twitter/Instagram)

Johannesburg- Ntsiki Mazwai's Twitter wars may have finally gone too far!

The outspoken musician and activist (among other things) nearly burnt down Twitter on Sunday evening when she found herself in the middle of a full-on Twitter war with the father of her sister's child, former Bongo Maffin musician, Stoan Seate.

The trouble started when Ntsiki took to Twitter to comment on Stoan and his family appearing on the cover of a local magazine. She apparently tweeted: 

Stoan was not too happy and took to Twitter to address the comments.

And as the argument became more and more heated, Stoan dropped a bombshell that resonated across the whole of Twitter.

For a little while after, fans stopped following the shade between the two and gathered to mourn the news that their beloved Bongo Maffin would never again return.

And here we thought Christmas was supposed to be a happy time, filled with peace and good news.

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