Bridget Masinga reflects on her split

2016-03-29 07:00


Bridget Masinga (Instagram)

Johannesburg- It's been almost two years since Bridget Masinga split from her ex-husband, Thabiso Khati after five years of marriage. 

Bridget confirmed her divorce in a press statement in April last year, explaining that it was an amicable split due to "irreconcilable differences.

The actress also made it clear that there was no drama, and that they had just realised they were better off as friends. (Read more on that here

Now fast forward to 2016. Taking to social media in what seems like a rare moment, Bridget has revealed that looking back, it was the "bravest decision" she's ever made.

Walking away from any relationship is incredibly difficult, and almost two years on, Bridget says she's much happier in her own skin. 

"The bravest decision I ever made was walking out of a union that no longer fulfilled me. What I got in return was a renewed sense of self, an awakened confidence in my own strength and most importantly I remembered the woman I almost lost in my attempt to be a 'good wife' and discovered the woman I am. Today I am unshaken in my confidence, I stand firm in my belief that I am deserving of living a life worthy of the heart God has given me. Today I am happier in my own skin," she said on social media. 

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