Buhle Mkhize: Norma Gigaba is obsessed with me

2016-01-25 19:00
Norma Gigaba, Buhle Mkhize (Instagram)

Johannesburg - If you thought she was obsessed with Norma Gigaba, Buhle Mkhize is here to tell you not to get it twisted.

The fashionista has long been involved in a public battle with Home Affairs' minister Malusi Gigaba's wife, Norma. This after Buhle claimed to have an affair with Malusi. Malusi denied the allegations, but Buhle continued to take to social media to detail how Norma would not stop harassing her, even threatening to spill Noma's secrets if she did not stop (read more here).

Buhle's outbursts have caused many to accuse her of being "obsessed" with Norma.

But in a lengthy Instagram on Monday, Buhle defended herself saying that it is Norma who is obsessed with her. 

"Who is obsessed with whom here? Norma blocks and then unblocks me every three weeks or so. Do you not have to be thinking a lot about someone to keep visiting their profile to block or unblock? Do you not have to be obsessed to reignite a dying fire by making nasty comments on their pictures?" Buhle wrote.

"All of this could have long passed and may have never gone public had Norma not kept pushing my button...Please know that I will never start any of this but I'll handle rubbish sent in my direction like I'm Miss Pope. Norma started this," she added."

You can read the full text below:  

But in short, Buhle be like...


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