Buhle taunts Norma Gigaba for leaving social media

2016-01-21 13:00
Norma Gigaba, Buhle Mkhize (Instagram)

Johannesburg - Ding! Ding! Ding! It's round 1000 and there's seems to be no end to the fight between Buhle Mkhize and Norma Gigaba, even with refs calling for an end to it all!

The two woman have been embroiled in a long standing feud over Home Affairs minister, Malusi Gigaba. The matter seemed to reach a climax late last year when Buhle took to Instagram to detail an alleged affair she had with the minister -  claims the minister denied on his own Instagram account (more on that here).

The feud was reignited this week when Buhle claimed she was being abused by Norma on social media, and threatened to take legal action against her (more on that here).

This led to the minister's wife deciding to delete her Instagram account on Wednesday, after several alleged altercations between the two on the platform.

Taking to her own Instagram account on Thursday morning, Buhle taunted Norma and threatened to expose an alleged secret child Norma has been hiding.

"Yesterday she 'quit' Instagram because I let her know I'll continue to reveal the truth she's hiding and some.... She's preaching to people and calling me names when she's the one hiding her own blood, and doing all the insane things up to changing her identification just so it can indicate her being the 34 year old she claims to be?" Buhle wrote, before challenging Norma to return to the social media site to set the record straight.

"I hereby challenge Norma to get back on Instagram and tell the world that I'm lying or even better, sue me," she wrote.

Buhle says she is still holding out for an apology from Norma, and that she is unfazed by social media comments calling her obsessed with the minister and his wife.

"You can ALL say WHATEVER you want of me I do NOT give S&$T... I stand ALONE and I'm demanding respect," she wrote.

Check out her full rant below:

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