Cassper's ready for Nicki Minaj!

2016-03-17 16:05


Cassper Nyovest and Nicki Minaj (Instagram)

Johannesburg- Barbz, are you ready?

International superstar Nicki Minaj's first performance in Mzansi on Thursday night promises to be nothing short of explosive. 

The singing sensation arrived in Mzansi on Wednesday afternoon to a crowd of screaming and crying fans. Of course The Juice was at the airport to welcome the queen to our shores. (See those snaps here)

Our very own hip-hop sensation Cassper Nyovest, who will be joining Nicki on her SA tour as the only opening act, has a few explosive surprises of his own. 

Speaking to The Juice just hours before show time, Cassper said that he's excited but nervous. 

"I'm excited but also nervous because I don't know what to expect. Nicki is an international pop star so the crowd is going to be different compared to the crowd I'm used to performing for," he said. 

Cassper says that fans can expect one helluva performance from him. 

"I also give off an incredible amount of energy during my performances and give every show my all. As a performer I feed off the crowd's energy, which adds to the show. I always leave my heart on the stage," Cassper added. 

Mr Shebeleza will perform at the Dome for the first time to tonight, after making history last year by filling up the 20 000 seater venue on his own.

At the time Cassper was incredibly vocal about African artists doing it on their own, instead of always being opening acts for international artists. 

"FillingUpTheDome was to prove to other African artists that we can do it on our own, it was never about boycotting international concerts," Cassper explained. 

Adding, "Nicki Minaj is an A-list artist across the world and promoters chose me to support the show and welcome her to our land. The best part for me is that I get to perform for a different crowd." 

Cassper did admit that in his personal space he's a big fan of Nicki's music. "I enjoy listening to her music and she's a dope artist."

But this does not mean that Cassper is a 'groupie.' Well, that's according to him. 

When asked if he's been brushing up on those dance skills, Cassper says, if she wants to twerk for him, that would be dope. 

"I'm a guy, so I can't twerk. But if she wanted to twerk for me, now that would definitely be dope, but I'd be worried about Meek Mill shooting me," he said. 

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