Celebs poke fun at themselves

2015-12-24 18:00
Dj Fresh, Trevor Gumbi, Somizi (Instagram)

Johannesburg – Their faces fill billboards, their voices often fill our ears: if there’s one person we recognise perhaps better than our own mothers, it’s our favourite celebs.

But sometimes they throw off the makeup and fashionista looks to, uh, look a little different.

Luckily, like good sports, it’s often the celebs who are poking fun at themselves for their funny looks- and 2015 had plenty of those.

Just take a look:


Somizi is the king of not taking himself too seriously, from crazy wigs to intimate shower hour selfies, we feel like we’ve come to know Somizi in a whole new light this year.

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DJ Fresh

DJ Fresh is pretty buff, but don’t let the muscles fool you. Behind it all is a man that … well, actually looks like he’s going to be one cool mkhulu. LOL

Trevor Gumbi

Trevor Gumbi has always been one of the stranger apples on the tree, but even we were surprised when he took to Instagram in a wedding dress. Rumours that he was filming The Gremlins get Married have so far proven false…

Today got all kinds of strange,.....

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Sonia Sedibe

We all love a good meme, but what we love more is when one of our favourite celebs turns herself into a meme. At least now we know how she feels about all those pesky broke rumours she keeps hearing.

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Mo Flava

Mo is known for having a pretty good fashion sense, but when the Metro FM DJ sported some lipstick for charity, we bet he thought it would go with his outfit. Sadly it didn’t, and even though it looks like he put it on using a hammer, it was still a great laugh.

@tshekomosito made do this!all for a worthy cause tho ?? #smearforsmearsa #TheMorningFix

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