Celeste Ntuli: Apartheid was a lifestyle

2015-11-09 14:43
Celeste Ntuli (Instagram)

Johannesburg - A crazy episode of Our Perfect Wedding this past weekend gave comedian Celeste Ntuli the perfect opportunity to talk about how she thinks South Africans are slaves to American culture.

In the episode, a couple is seen planning an "American" wedding (including the bride showing off her controversial American dress). The show quickly trended on social media, with fans all giving their take on the controversial theme. And perhaps no opinion was stronger than that of comedian Celeste Ntuli.

"I think it's very important for black South Africans to understand that Apartheid was not an event, it was a lifestyle. We really need to get to know ourselves better and love ourselves as a race," she said on her Facebook page.

Celeste says Mzansi's "obsession with America must fall" and that we should stop seeking to validate our status by acting American. 

"This is South Africa!!! We are in Africa!!! We are Africans!!! Let's catch a wake up. Mental slavery and self hate is a huge problem amongst our society. Ngiyema lapho nilale kahle," she adds.

Celeste Ntuli for president, anyone? We know we would vote for her...