Clint Brink drops his pants!

2016-01-07 19:00
Clint Brink (Supplied/Instagram)

Johannesburg- As if the sweltering temperatures wasn't already enough to deal with! 

Clint Brink has just turned up the heat by more than a notch when he shared a snap of himself without his pants. 

Now we all know that Clint is a fitness fundi and works incredibly hard for that perfectly toned body of his. 

And, we've seen him without his shirt on more than one occasion. 

But without his pants is definitely a first. 

Clint intended to show off his perfectly chiseled legs, and while the legs are nice to look at, it's hard not to notice his, erm, package. 

P.S. Stop drooling ladies! this is where I'm at...It's Tuesday 05:01:16 .. Today is also #LEGDAY .. & I must admit...the last three months have been HELL for me on many levels...but the most frustrating has been NOT being able to train heavy or consistently due to injury. I have had to find ways to train around lower back, right hip & knee as well as left ankle and Achilles injuries that have stopped from loading up the heavy weight and even making full ROM possible. THE RESULT -------- Me not being able to yield good growth as I've set out to do... But there's no quit in me EVER...So I've tested the last solid diet or training regiment...just swimming,family time and focussing on other avenues of my life....See if one option isn't available...that doesn't mean the progress needs to stop. I'll get better and strong in no time....Time to bring on the wheels ?????? #NeverStopMovingForward #allwayshungryneversatisfied #AllOrNothing #legday #quads #hammies #caves #Aesthetics #BodyBuilding @biogensa #conditioning #nutrition #TrustTheProcess #NeverGiveUp #NoExcuses #NoFear #NoWeaponFormedAgainstMeShallProsper #TheDedicated #teambodymorphology

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