Clint Brink rushes to help man after horror bike crash

2016-04-25 13:38


Clint Brink. (Photo: Instagram/Clint Brink)

Cape Town – Clint Brink on Saturday night rushed to help an unidentified man who was seriously injured in a crash.

The local TV star took to social media to share news about the incident that took place on Saturday night at 23:00.

According to Clint he was driving down Milner Road in Northcliff when a drunk driver allegedly skipped a red light and hit a pizza delivery man on his motorbike.

"The man’s right femur and pelvis was broken. I stopped to help him. He was crying and screaming hysterically," Clint said.

He added: "Fortunately I had a blanket in the car and could assist in keeping him warm until paramedics and police came."

Clint himself was involved in horror crash in 2002 in which his girlfriend was killed.

He added: "I remember I was once that man lying on the tar bleeding. That type of experience changes you forever."