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Comedian Jason Goliath gets serious for a moment

2016-04-20 15:10


Jason Goliath. (Photo: Facebook)

Cape Town - Will Smith stars in the drama film, Seven Pounds on Sony Channel (DStv Channel 127) tonight at 20:00.

The film centres on a life-shattering secret that torments Ben Thomas (Will Smith). In order to find redemption, he sets out to change the lives of seven strangers.

In line with the theme of the movie we asked local comedian Jason Goliath what he would  do to change the lives of 7 people, with one act of kindness.

He answered:”I'd help them realise that loving yourself is the key to happiness, after all If You don't love you how can you ask anyone else too.

”It's like the airline announcement says: ’women travelling with children please place your own mask on first before attending to your children’.

”It's not being selfish, it's simply because it's impossible to help anyone else if you're not okay.”

Watch the trailer for Seven Pounds:

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