Confusion over those HHP marriage rumours

2016-03-15 13:00


HHP and Lerato (Instagram)

Johannesburg- Hip-hop star HHP is determined to keep everyone guessing over those 'secret wedding' reports. 

Sunday Sun reported that HHP and his longtime girlfriend, Lerato Sengati tied-the-knot in a so-called 'secret traditional ceremony.'

In the very same article, while no details on when or where the traditional ceremony apparently happened, HHP rubbished the reports, but sources close to the couple allegedly told the paper that it had in fact happened, and all guests were told not to post pictures of the wedding.

Since then, there's been a frenzy of activity on the musician's social media accounts, with people wishing him and bae all the best. This despite HHP denying the reports.

A day later, adding more confusion to the story, HHP posted a picture of a poster with the headline of his supposed marriage saying "Yes, it's true."

Okay, it was followed by a long Bible verse, but people only saw the "Yes, it's true." You know, because we live in a land where people deny things when it's actually true *Waves to Bonang and AKA*

The Juice attempted to get hold of Lerato and HHP on Monday, but neither answered their phones. (Honeymoon, perhaps?) But eventually we spoke to the man himself today, and although he still won't give us a firm 'Yes, I'm married,' or 'Guys, focus on my music' he did say that he was poking fun at the whole situation.

"If Sunday Sun is saying it is true, then it must be true. I love the poster. I actually want to get it and frame it."


Okay, so basically he denied. Then confirmed it. Then said he was playing games, because people will believe what they want.

"People always believe what they read in the media. Even if I was accused of rape and I deny it, no one will believe me, which is why I'm saying if Sunday Sun is saying it, it must be true," he added. 

Or, maybe just deny it yourself and douse that fire. Just a thought.

Here's the post that has everyone confused...

YES PEOPLE. IT IS TRUE. I DO BELIEVE IN JESUS! I here and now repent for my sins, and believe in Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I believe that Christ died for me, as my substitute, and rose from the dead according to the Scriptures. Thank you God, for sending Your Son, and paying my debt in full.  Even though I was separated from You by my sins, You saw me helpless, and fallen, and loved me enough to die for me. I believe that Jesus suffered the penalty of my sins, and paid the full price to clear my debt.  Your Word declares that His Precious Blood, sinless and Divine, pays for all of my sins. Because He suffered my penalty, I am now free.  No sin remains to condemn me. I'm no longer guilty before You. I believe the good news of the Cross, and Your promise that "Whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be saved." (Acts 2:21) YOU CAN TOO. JUST SAY: I ask Your forgiveness, and I now receive Jesus Christ into my life as my Savior. Today, I accept Your gift of love, mercy, peace and eternal life. I declare by faith that Jesus Christ now lives in me. I am a new creation in Christ, born of God with the life of Jesus in me. I trust the blood of Christ blots out every sin from my life. My record is clean by Your mercy. According to Your Word, I am now forgiven, I am now saved. Amen. EZY JUST Mahipi le Mahipsta

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In the meantime can someone just tell us if we need to get our wedding outfit ready?

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