Denise Zimba pours cash into her musical

2016-03-13 14:00


Denise Zimba (Instagram)

Johannesburg- Denise Zimba remains determined to create opportunities for herself and others through her upcoming musical. 

At the beginning of the year, Denise revealed that she would be writing her own theatre musical, Faith takes Time. 

The idea for the gospel-pop infused musical was born out of a desire to bring about change in the industry. (Read more on that here) 

Shortly after Denise left Generations last year, she took some time to reflect on her career and her time in the entertainment industry. 

In her heartfelt post, she spoke the industry and the way it always embraces the same faces. 

"The sad thing is that our entertainment industry strives to be different and grow in a certain direction, but if it continues to embrace the same faces never allowing new talent to be embraced and supported, we can never compete with the rest of the world," she said at the time. (Read more on that here

The good news is that Denise has left that chapter behind her and is focused on bringing change to the industry. 

"Working hard to make a change in my life and most importantly in other people's lives. The beauty of man kind and how we are all connected is the most extraordinary experience ever. Putting my last pennies in this project, and it's so worth it," Denise said. 

Here's a glimpse of what you can expect from the musical...

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