Did Pearl Thusi just confirm that Robert is bae?

2016-03-30 17:00
Pearl Thusi, Robert Marawa (Instagram)

Johannesburg - We know they're "a thing". They know they are "a thing". But still Pearl Thusi and Robert Marawa refuse to confirm their romance.

The rumour mill has been spinning for months with reports of a romance between Robert and Pearl but it seems Pearl is more secretive than that iPhone the FBI was trying to hack.

Is it any wonder then that fans will look for any kind of hint to prove that the pair are in fact dating?

This week the Twitter detectives came across this (now deleted) snap of Pearl and her bae looking all loved-up.

Cute, right?

Well, it wasn't too long before they had dug up other snaps of Robert wearing the exact same outfit and started drawing some lines and conclusions...

So, now we know that Pearl's mystery bae is either Robert or just likes wearing the same clothes as Rob.

Who needs the FBI, right?

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