Dineo's Diary back by popular demand!

2016-03-03 20:00


Dineo Ranaka (Supplied)

Johannesburg- It's been four years since Dineo's Diary aired for the first time on TV screens across the country. 

Despite getting mixed reactions from viewers and criticism from skeptics, the reality show has grown to become a firm favourite among viewers. 

Dineo Ranaka's reality show has managed to evolve and reinvent itself every season, keeping viewers glued while raking in the numbers. Earlier this week it was revealed that Dineo's Diary will return for a 5th season next month. 

Die-hard fans have also watched one of SA's much-loved personalities grow and overcome various challenges in her life. 

Speaking to The Juice about the popularity of Dineo's Diary, M-Net Local Entertainment Head of Reality, Sphumelele Sibeko explained that the show is a consistently good performer in terms of viewership for the channel.  

"The strength of some of the most popular reality shows in South Africa is that they finally give our audiences a voice, their true voice. They are authentic, engaging, highly resonant, and very relevant in a space where viewers hardly engaged with such content."

Sphumelele added that viewers want to share in the experiences of famous individuals whose lives are interesting, dynamic and evolving. 

The latest season of Dineo's Diary will introduce a more "centered" Dineo, who is still on a journey of self-discovery. 

"I am no longer confused, I am content with the woman I have become, flaws and all,” says Dineo.

Viewers will get the chance to see more of Dineo's motherly, sensitive and grown-up side.

Of course, not without a dash of drama!  

Dineo's Diary returns on Vuzu AMP on 11 April at 19:00.

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