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DJ Bongz denies broke and suicide rumours

2015-11-20 16:00


DJ Bongz (Instagram)

Johannesburg- DJ Bongz has come out strongly against rumours that he was broke and on the brink of committing suicide. 

In fact, the popular musician says he's planning a comeback. 

For the past few years Bongz has made headlines for allegedly being down-and-out, which apparently led to him attempting suicide. Earlier this year it was reported that Bongz apparently tried to overdose himself on sleeping pills during a party at his parents' house. 

But during a recent interview with Move! magazine, Bongz poured cold water over the claims. 

While, he admitted that his last eight albums were a flop, his problems weren't nearly as bad as some made it out to be. 

"I was down, but never out. I did have a few problems, like any human being. But reports that I tried to kill myself were lies, spread by jealous losers in the industry. I've never lost a single car and still have my house. My problems were not that bad to warrant suicide," he told the mag. 

Bongz is excited about the release of his upcoming album, which he believes is going to bring him back into the spotlight.