DJ Cleo determined to spread positivity

2015-11-17 18:00


DJ Cleo and DJ Sbu (Instagram)

Johannesburg- DJ Cleo has decided to take a stand against hate and negativity. 

Just hours after the musician found himself in the middle of a social media storm over his Idols SA performance, Cleo revealed that he's made it his mission to "broadcast success instead of failure."

Cleo was slammed on social media with Twitter users accusing him of being drunk and irrelevant. 

Among those critics was comedian, Siv Ngesi who called on Cleo to be tested for drugs on stage.  

Cleo didn't take Siv's comments lying down, and hit back with some strong comments. (Read that story here

But it seems like Cleo has no time to entertain the negativity. 

Instead, Cleo took to social media to pay tribute to DJ Sbu. Cleo explained that he admires Sbu for his continued hustle and has learnt a lot from him. 

Good for you Cleo! 

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