DJ Cleo hits out at Idols SA hate

2015-11-16 12:31
DJ Cleo, Siv Ngesi (Instagram)

Johannesburg - DJ Cleo lived any performer's worst nightmare on the set of Idols SA on Sunday night.

As Cleo appeared on the hit music reality show to introduce a song he wrote for Idol's contestant Mmatema, Twitter accused poor Cleo of being drunk and irrelevant. 

Perhaps no critic was harsher than comedian, Siv Ngesi who called for Cleo to be tested for drugs on stage and said Cleo looked like "a walking dead."

In fact, it wasn't too long before Cleo trended on the social media site, with hundreds of people voicing their opinion.

Cleo took to Instagram on Monday morning to address the hate, with some strong words for young Siv.

one thing abt this industry: there's so much peer-hate, peer-jealousy or lack of Peer-love. We don't support each do we expect the media to back us when we don't back each other up. We can't even show each other love. Instead we are quick to discredit the next brother/sister even though their existence doesn't even affect our bank accounts in any way. What's worse: all this from a youngster that doesn't know a thing about me, doesn't even know that I don't drink, smoke or any of that stuff. Is this our idea of "freedom of speech"...? I guess it's the reality of our world today.... I have my opinions on everybody and their work,style etc, we all do. But...There's a reason I've never said anything #negatuve abt those fellow-professionals, because I understand and respect #TheHustle. Fact: What you say on the there forever (food for thought) Think before u type/'s a small world out there...

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Meanwhile, singer Danny K also found himself in the middle of a social media storm for his Idols SA performance

The singer performed his new single, For The Girls, which features Anatii. Danny also made the Twitter trends list, with the Twitter pack lambasting his performance and single.

But speaking to The Juice on Monday morning, Danny explained that he does not allow negativity to get the better of him.

"I have never allowed praise to get into my heart and criticism to get into my head," Danny said.


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