DJ Mo Flava opens up about losing half a mill in robbery

2016-04-29 10:23


Gareth Cliff and Mo Flava. (Photo: Instagram)

Cape Town – During an interview on CliffCentral earlier this week DJ Mo Flava opened up about the New Year’s Day robbery that left him humbled and depressed.

“I was on top of the world in December,” Mo Flava told Gareth Cliff.

“Then some asshole comes and humbles you,” he added.

According to the local muso he lost nearly half a million rand on New Year’s Day when the cash he made from an annual picnic event on 1 January was intercepted while it was being transported.

“I must say‚ first and foremost‚ it was an oversight on my part in terms of having proper security measures in place‚” he told Gareth on-air.

“It was a gig that I hosted at a venue that takes about 3000 people. So there were 3000 people in there. I had made a little investment into the gig with the production‚ the line-up and everything.

“I had security but not adequate for the money.

“As the money was being moved from the venue‚ it turns out that somebody got intel and put out a hit.”

According to Mo Flava he was left feeling defeated and depressed by the loss.

However he quickly recovered and was able to go on thanks to his other jobs in the industry.

He said: “Fortunately‚ and this is the thing about having more than one job in the industry – is that your revenue stream is quite diverse.

“I had a couple of campaigns that were cool‚ I still have my radio salary… I was able to comfortably survive.”

Listen to the full interview on CliffCentral here.