DJ Sbu: The ANC invited me to market Mofaya

2016-01-13 09:00
DJ Sbu with the top brass (Instagram)

Johannesburg - Controversial musician, DJ Sbu had eyebrows raised after he posted pictures of himself with the top brass of the ANC at its birthday celebrations.

Sbu was at the ruling party's 104th birthday celebrations at the weekend in Rustenburg in the North West province. His Instagram account garnered mixed reactions after he posted several pictures with party leaders drinking his energy drink, MoFaya.

While some people applauded his marketing prowess, others wanted answers on how he got the deal done, suspecting foul play.

In an interview on CliffCentral with Gareth Cliff, Sbu broke down exactly how he got the job and managed to be on stage at the celebrations, even getting President Jacob Zuma to pose for a picture with the drink.

"When you've got a brand and you don't have a marketing budget, which I don't, we always sit down as a team and we look at all the prominent events that are happening in the country. And we want to see ourselves there. You take advantage of either: I get a booking there, or I pull my team along and we go an activate at a place."

Sbi explained that while nobody is invited to the ANC party, you just get to go and celebrate the movement, sensing an opportunity he did start making calls.

"And you know the media is going to be there. A week prior to that, there was racisim issues and I wanted my team to be there. So we started contacting people who are putting together pre-parties and after-parties. It's a movement. The interesting part is that Mamma Nomvula Mokonyane (Minister of Water Affairs and Sanitation)  invited me. She said you know, 'my son, I know you are working hard at growing this brand and I think it will be a beautiful thing.' It was scorching hot on the day. '... To come on stage with some of your cold drinks because we'll be serving water anyway. Just bring your drink and let the high profile leaders taste your drink and I'll also give you the opportunity to market it, because I'll give the you the opportunity to be mc.'"

And just like that Sbu got to market his drink at the ANC's birthday bash, getting him millions of rand worth of free advertising. Asked by Gareth Cliff on whether he was loyal to the party, Sbu said that when it comes to his drink, it's business. "When you are growing a brand, you never lose. If EFF is organising an event, I'll get my drink there. If the DA does, I'll be there. The ANC doesn't fund me, it never has. I had an opportunity."

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