DJ Sbu's determination conquers 2015

2016-01-01 10:00
DJ Sbu (Instagram)

Johannesburg - Radio personality and entrepreneur, DJ Sbu has had one rocky year. The former Metro FM’s troubles seemed to start when he promoted his energy drink MoFaya at the annual Metro FM Awards at the beginning of 2015.

This landed the former presenter in serious hot water, which saw him being sacked from his position at the station. Never one to shut-up, Sbu tackled his challenges head-on, which included calling out so-called industry big-wigs for not supporting local entrepreneurs.

Shortly after being fired from Metro FM, Sbu found himself making headlines for allegedly faking a Forbes Africa cover. At the time, Forbes Africa publishers released a statement confirming that the magazine had no affiliation to Sbu and did not feature him or MoFaya.

But throughout all the drama, Sbu remained true to his dream and continued to push his energy drink into the market. Without any funding, Sbu has managed to achieve some of his goals in getting MoFaya into shops across the country.

Even though he bid farewell to his radio career, Sbu landed himself a television show with CNBC Africa, Kicking Doors. Kicking Doors aims to inspire and educate the next set of ‘Africa’s billionaires’ who will leave no stone unturned to achieve their dreams.

In December, Sbu revealed that he is “broke” and “swimming in debt.” Sbu took to social media to reveal that despite all of the challenges he’s faced, nothing can stand in the way of him achieving his dream. "I'm deep in debt. Every last cent. Drop of blood sweat tears. Emotions. Energy. Everything has been invested in #MyStartUp. Been fired. Laughed at. Called crazy & more. Are you willing to risk it all for your dream?," he said.

The one thing DJ Sbu has taught all of us this year is that believing in your dream will surely grant you success.

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