DJ Zinhle: Kairo is daddy's girl

2016-01-29 15:00
It's Kairo first for the couple (Instagram)

Johannesburg - They've said it countless times: their priority is their baby girl, Kairo. Together, despite a public split, they've managed to overcome their own personal strife for the sake of their child.

Speaking to The Juice last night at the launch of's Heist, Zinhle says it is clear that little Kairo is a big fan of her daddy. "She says da da day a lot. I'm like, 'say ma ma ma.' But she says da da da. She's a daddy's girl and she is growing up so fast. She's looking more and more like daddy. Our common goal is Kairo and we are working on making sure she knows that mommy and daddy are there."

Opening up about people always commenting about her life and having strong opinions, Zinhle says she ain't got no time for that. "I don't worry about what people say about me. I don't think about what strangers have to say about me. I'm grown enough to know everyone has their own issues they are dealing with in their lives."

You got that?

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