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DJ Zinhle trends over heartbreak comments

2016-01-16 10:34


DJ Zinhle (Instagram)

Johannesburg- Twitter was not relaxed on Saturday morning after comments DJ Zinhle made about dealing with a broken heart went viral.

It's been just over four months since Zinhle took to her blog MomentsbyDJZinhle, where she publicly claimed that the reason for her split from her baby daddy AKA was because of an alleged affair with Bonang Matheba. (Read more on that here)

At the time both AKA and Bonang fiercely denied the allegations. 

Ever since then AKA, Zinhle and Bonang have remained relatively silent on the debacle, until a few days ago when an official from a Mozambique hotel where they are currently vacaying confirmed to The Juice that they are both there and had checked into the same room. (Read more on that here

AKA and Bonang's romance has quickly become a talking point on social media yet again, as Twitter sleuths use striking similarities in their vacation pictures as more proof that they're together. 

It is not clear if it is the commentary surrounding AKA and Bonang's romance that prompted Zinhle to open up about life on social media. 

Taking to Twitter Zinhle came out strongly to share advice with other women in similar situations. 

"No one is to blame for how you feel. You need to stop shifting the blame & take responsibility for how you feel & when people walk out of your life. LET THEM GO! It doesn't mean they are bad people, it just means that their part in your story is over!," she wrote. 

Here's Zinhle's full comments:

The comments saw Zinhle quickly make the Twitter trends list with the AKA, Bonang and Zinhle scandal becoming a full-blown social media debate. Fans have instantly picked sides and are lashing out at each other on behalf of their icons.
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