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Don and Blondie make peace after scathing video

2016-03-03 07:00
Don Laka (Supplied)

Johannesburg - Music legend Blondie Makhene may have roasted outspoken muso Don Laka, but Don says the two "are fine."

Don has been ruffling feathers in the music industry over the last two weeks, after naming and shaming SA artists and radio stations her claims are conspiring to keep certain local artists off of radio playlists (more on that here).

Don's war with radio was taken to the next level recently when he took to Facebook to draw attention to the plight of music legend, Blondie Makhene.

In the post, Don talks about Blondie's financial woes and says Blondie has been forced to move into his mother's house to make ends meet.

HERE IS BLONDIE MAKHENE,BROKE...His music has disappeared from radio the one that he should be living of.highly...

Posted by Don Laka on Saturday, February 27, 2016

But it seems Blondie felt Don was making a mockery of him and responded with a scathing video.

In the video, Blondie says that Don is "not qualified to comment" on his financial affairs and accuses Don of spreading malicious rumours.

In response to Mr. Don Laka

Posted by Gerald Makhene on Monday, February 29, 2016

But as fans ran for cover at the thought of a public spat between the two, Don has come out to reassure fans that all is well.

Responding to one fan's plea for peace between the two, Don wrote: "We are fine me and Blondie, just had a laugh with him this morning, All artists need to come out clean to show the public the real problem, I have shown my statements."