Emtee has a serious catfish problem!

2016-02-14 14:00
Emtee (Instagram)

Johannesburg - Everybody wants to be Emtee!

The popular rapper has not only spawned hundred of rap copycats inspired by his track, Roll Up, but it seems a couple of fake social media accounts too.

The rapper is known for his sharp Twitter fingers (more on that here), which often get him into trouble with Twitter police, but it looks like his posts are small fry compared to what people claiming to be him are saying and doing.

Emtee took to Twitter this week to warn his fans about disruptive Twitter accounts which are not only pretending to be him (known as catfishing), but are also making his life completely miserable! 

Emtee says he could just ignore the accounts but that would just give them a licence to abuse him more.

So if "Emtee" suddenly DMs you, it's better to just show that dude the door.


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