Euphonik: I'm not arrogant

2015-12-21 10:00
Euphonik (Instagram)

Johannesburg - To the world Euphonik may seem distant and arrogant, but the popular DJ explains that he's not trying to be arrogant when he brushes past you in the mall.

Talking on CliffCentral this week, Euphonik says his confidence can sometimes be interpreted as arrogance.

"The confidence comes from being turned down a lot. From being teased a lot. From being laughed at a lot. They used to call me Grootkop. I ended up getting to a point where I decided actually what everyone says about me doesn't actually matter, and whatever I want to do I'm going to do, whether people say I should do it or not," he explains.

"That's why people think 'Euphonik is arrogant'. It's not arrogance it's extreme confidence that borders on 'I know I can do this if I wanted to, and if I don't want to do it, I won't do it,'" he adds.

So next time you see Eu, just get your confidence in check and ask him for a selfie!

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