EXCLUSIVE: Atandwa Kani and Fikile Mthwalo have tied the knot!

2016-01-29 12:00
Mr and Mrs Kani (Instagram)

Johannesburg - The Juice can on Friday exclusively reveal that actor Atandwa Kani has secretly wed Fikile Mthwalo.

The couple, whose whirlwind romance has dominated headlines since announcing their surprise engagement last year, got married in December.

Atandwa exclusively confirmed the news to The Juice at the launch of's new drama series, Heist. Speaking about the hurdles they face in their long-distance relationship after Fiks temporarily moved to New York, Atandwa let the cat out of the bag. "They're about 7 hours behind. But we find gaps. We make it work. If you love someone, if you really want to be with someone and you marry someone... you make time to make everything work."

With the news out, Atandwa didn't hesitate to talk about the love of his life. "She was back in December and we took advantage of the opportunity. I'll never find anyone who loves me like this and she believes the same. And she's my wife, man. We just fit so well."

Speaking about their romance, Atandwa says they met three years ago and the first words out of his mouth were "you're so beautiful". 

But given the fact that Fiks was with her boyfriend at the time, it caused a bit of tension, obviously. "On the set of It's Complicated, that's when I let all my guards down, all my inhibitions go and I fell hard and deeply in love."

Atandwa has been involved in a bitter public split with his ex-wife, Thembisa Mdoda. In January reports claimed that paternity tests showed that he was not the father of twin boys the couple share. When asked about it, he refused to comment.