Fifi Cooper's fashion sense gets social media hate

2016-03-22 19:00


Fifi Cooper (Instagram)

Johannesburg- Female rap sensation Fifi Cooper's fashion sense has come under fire from the Twitter fashion police. 

You know, because they're always in gear to give their much-needed advice. 

And poor Fifi was on the receiving of that 'advice' that she didn't necessarily ask for. 

This past weekend saw celebrities from across Mzansi get out their Sunday best to attend the Saftas. Among them was Fifi, who wore a snazzy red catsuit to the award ceremony. 

Fifi, her bae and all her friends thought she looked incredible. 

But, of course, the fashion police just weren't impressed by Fifi's look. 

This led to a swarm of police taking to social media to express their opinions about Fifi's fashion sense. This saw Fifi make the trends list for 22 hours.

A well-known stylist also found himself being including in the massive shade being thrown at Fifi, until he opted out. 

It's free to comment neh. But who's going to pay for Fifi's stylist? 

Take a look at the massive shade Fifi got thrown...

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