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Fight night! Here's Siv Ngesi's next boxing challenge

2016-03-31 19:00
Siv Ngesi (Instagram)

Johannesburg - Siv Ngesi must fancy himself the next Rocky Balboa or something. Why else would he be so amped to put on his teeny-tiny shorts and jump into the boxing ring again?

We all know that boxing is the latest fitness craze in celeb-ville. But while some of our favourite stars are practicing their sparring to maintain that summer body, comedian and Man Cave presenter Siv Ngesi is taking the whole thing a lot more seriously and has a new opponent in his gaze! 

Siv has taken on both his boss, Janez Vermeiren, and Graeme Richards in the ring before. The later bout ended with Siv knocking out Graeme cold, leaving the poor Expresso presenter with nine stitches! NINE!

And it seems that fans won't have to wait long to see Superman Siv back in action. 

It was announced this week that Siv will be taking on ex-footballer and fitness freak, Ryan Botha, in a boxing match for charity in June. Now, that's a fight!

"15th June I battle my brother and teammate Ryan Botha for charity," Siv wrote on Instagram this week.

So what can fans expect?

"Trust me , you want to watch this fight! We will leave it all in that ring ,blood will spill, bodies will pain, fists will connect but charity will be the only winner that night....," Siv wrote.

And if you don't believe him, just take a look at this teaser video:

Remind us to never pick a fight with this guy. We might end up with nine stitches. NINE!

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