Flabba friends: Nothing will bring him back

2016-03-09 15:00
Flabba Habedi (Instagram)

Johannesburg - Sentencing procedures for convicted murderer Sindi Manqele began in the Palm Ridge Magistrates Court in Johannesburg on Wednesday.

A clinical psychologist and a correctional services official took to the stand, testifying for the defence in the matter. The clinical psychologist testified that Sindi has no psychological issues and that she makes decisions based on logic and not emotion. She did suggest that Manqele would need individual psychotherapy in prison or under correctional supervision.

Criminologist Zain Halle also testified that the family of rapper, Flabba Habedi haven't been able to get closure on his death as they still don't know what happened. They also feel that she should have approached them through the elders of their families after the death of Flabba on 9 March 2015.

Sindi was convicted of Flabba's murder last year, although she still maintains that she acted in self-defence, claiming that he attacked her.

As sentencing continues, family and friends say that no matter the outcome, nothing will bring their friend back. During sentencing procedures, a criminologist testified that during interviews with the family members, it was clear how much of an impact his death left on them, with him being the main bread-winner.

Taking to Instagram on Monday, Flabba's friend, Slikour said that he will always remember his friend and that in death he would still be watching 'their moves.'

"Some woke up without a friend, a brother,a father or uncle but an immortal memory of a spirit that touched each one of them with one or all of these qualities."

Sentencing continues on Thursday.

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