The Mabalanes: Easter is a time to remember Christ

2016-03-26 10:00
Gail and Kabelo Mabalane (Instagram)

Johannesburg –  When it comes to spirituality, Kabelo and Gail Mabalane are some of the most devout Christians we know.

And as we celebrate Easter weekend, Gail tells us the family is preparing to celebrate. 

"Growing up in an Anglican home, a very spiritual home, we would always celebrate Easter, from Ash Wednesday to Easter Mass. But this year it will be the first time me, Kabelo and Zoe will really be together and in the right space for Easter," Gail tells us in a chat recently.

"Last year, when we had a baby, she was so little that I don’t even remember when Easter was. I was just in my own world," Gail says. "But this year we’ll be together as a family."

Gail says that Easter this year will have a special meaning  for her and her family. 

“Zoe turns one-years-old on Easter Monday so we’ll just get together as a family to celebrate her first birthday," she says.

"But from a spiritual point of view, Easter is a great reminder of what Christ has done for us -  a time to remember Christ. We live with that every single day and we’ll continue to celebrate that during the Easter season," she says.