Here's Ntsiki Mazwai's open letter #DearBlackGirl

2015-12-17 12:00
Ntsiki Mazwai (Twitter)

Johannesburg - Ntsiki Mazwai has became more well-known for her Twitter beef than anything else lately. Her opinions on a male dominated industry and fake women has received mixed opinions. But no matter what your thoughts on her, Ntsiki does get people talking.

Taking to her blog, Ntsiki has penned an open letter to black women, detailing how she thinks that people of colour have been indoctrinated by western beliefs.

"As things stand, your role models aspire to be white women….what kind of role modelling is that?  Underneath their weaves, your role models are balding. Your role models are hiding shame under those weaves. 1st they tried to hide the shame of having nappy hair, now they hide the shame of having no hair. Can you imagine what is happening to these women self esteems? If you need to put something on your head to feel beautiful- what happens when it’s not on your head?"

She also asks whether people have talent, besides their vaginas. Oi. 

"Do you have other talents besides using your vagina? My little sister it’s rough out here, you better know your story. Finally lil sister…..there is no need to rush into sex. Sex is a very complex issue and it’s wiser to give yourself time to grow into it. There is a natural reaction which happens in your 30’s where your horny levels will SKY ROCKET…..and by then you will have gained a bit of wisdom about the opposite sex. There is no rush lil sis……sex aint going nowhere and you have hands to masturbate. (the safest sex on earn.)"

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