HHP tells Gareth: I tried to commit suicide three times

2016-04-05 07:50
Hip Hop Pantsula (HHP) and Gareth Cliff. (Photo: CliffCentral)

Cape Town – 2015 was a very dark year for Hip-hop star, HHP.

The local muso opened up about his personal troubles in an honest interview on Monday with Gareth Cliff on

During the interview HHP, real name Jabulani Tsambo, reveals that he tried to take his own life three times last year.

After the first two attempts, in which he tried to gas himself in his car, didn’t succeed he consulted a suicide assist website in an attempt to end his life for the third time.

The third attempt, in which he used helium gas, also failed and that’s when HHP had a revelation.

“This voice came to me and said ‘Dude‚ if you really want to die‚ you need to live. If you really want to die‚ you need to do that shit that you’ve always wanted to do and you’ve always been scared of doing and one of those is speaking my mind,’” he told Gareth.

He also opened up about quitting Twitter, filming his new Pasopa music video and his relationship with the media.

Listen to the full interview here.