How Anele owned radio

2016-01-25 13:00
Anele Mdoda (CliffCentral)

Johannesburg - It's not very often that something good happens on radio that gets us talking. Think about it: it's shade, sub-messages and generally some kind of back-biting that catches our attention.

So, when Anele Mdoda has two killer interviews in the space of a few days, we were again reminded of just why the talented radio and TV personality has our hearts.

In case you were out of data or not near a radio, here's a breakdown of how Anele owned radio.

                                                   "Some woman come towards my vajayjay with a razor"

Gareth Cliff and Anele have known each other for ages, so you know it's going to be a personal interview when they're together. While Anele is now a mom and is relatively open about her private life on her social media, this is probably the first time we've heard her be so open. Speaking to Gareth on CliffCentral, they had a few laughs about Anele's child birth experience. 

"I went c-section but I was natural for... I was in labour for like, 18 hours. Not feeling any pain, but apparently I was having contractions, according to the nurses."

Laughing about her experience, Anele labelled woman as liars, explaining that no-one briefed her about the, er, more awkward things that happen. "A lot of things went down in that room that I was like, 'Whoah, hey, no-one said this shit would be happening.' Shaving, like no-one, I could have shaved at home guys. And then shaved by the nurse and I was like, 'This is a bit erotic' and I was like 'Why don't you just give me the razor and I'll do it myself.' The point is that some other woman came towards my vajayjay with a razor."

It was a seriously funny interview, which you can listen to here.

                                                     "You are very outspoken. And it takes one to know one"

On Friday, Anele had AKA in studio and soon enough, the show trended with thousands of responses from listeners and fans of them both. Not only did she interview AKA and ask him some tough questions, she also got him to perform and there were some pretty damn epic moments.

Speaking to the Doro Mega, Anele asked if he feels appreciated. "I do feel respected. Appreciated, uhm, for me the appreciation is who you want it from. So first and foremost the appreciation I want from is from my fans. And they give me all the appreciation that I need. In terms of the country at large, appreciation is maybe the wrong word. I feel my craft is appreciated. My career is appreciated. Maybe people don't have a consideration for my private life."

Anele also had a singer who did a cover of one of AKA's songs and she nailed it!

If you missed it, the live stream was recorded and is available here.

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