iFani drops Clash of Choirs Bucie remix for FREE

2016-02-13 18:00
iFani, Clash of Choirs (Instagram)

Johannesburg - iFani has decided to take his Clash of the Choirs journey off the telly and onto our playlists.

In a chat with The Juice recently, iFani talked about his dream of taking his choir beyond the competition and creating a legacy for the group that would outlive the final episode of the popular music competition.

"Instead of chasing the one million, I've decided to make it a little more personal. I've been trying to teach the guys something that I've learnt in the industry- that it takes a whole lot more than hard work to succeed. So now we're making the music from the point of what do we feel right now. We are not competition based, we are dream based,' he tells us.

And to show us just how serious he is, iFani has decided to release the choir's latest performance as a free download.

The remix has received massive love from fans, with the choir even receiving an elimination free pass based on the performance.

And we love it too!

Get yourself a free copy of the track here.

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