iFani's next career move: It's personal

2016-02-08 10:00
iFani (Instagram)

Johannesburg - In late 2015, iFani found himself in the middle of a bizarre feud with AKA.

The Levels rapper had alleged that iFani had reached his goal of going gold in a day by getting corporates to buy his album.

As Twitter rushed to take sides in the argument, iFani felt himself being dragged into something he says he needed to get away from.

That was when he realised he needed a change. A change that started from within. 

"Things were just not going well and I was wondering why are these things happening to me, especially after the whole AKA beef thing and people turning against me. Instead of fighting it, I asked myself why would this be happening to me, "he told The Juice recently.

The experience gave him a new outlook on life. An outlook which has seen him look within and makes changes to make him feel happier.

"I realised that I attract things and things happen to me because I have attracted it. So, I started to study the law of attraction and started seeing things from that angle," he says. "2015 showed me that I shouldn't be chasing money or success in this moment. Now I know I have to chase things from the heart," he adds.

Part of that outlook has seen iFani commit to being more than just a mentor in his new role as a choirmaster on Clash of the Choirs, offering his choir opportunities for exposure outside of the competition.

But how will this new resolve affect his much loved, and often lighthearted, music?

"It's going to be more heartfelt," he tells us. "You have to understand that the music will be released from a whole new place, a whole person. Now I know exactly what I'm looking for in my music instead of just making a hit or something that will blow people's minds. I think people will enjoy the growth."

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