Inside DJ Speedsta’s plan to go global

2016-03-26 12:00
DJ Speedsta (Instagram)

Johannesburg - When it comes to DJ Speedsta’s grand plan to take over the music world, it seems he’s just begun.

DJ Speedsta’s star is definitely on the rise, with the club and radio DJ recently scoring a presenting gig on Vuzu (more on that here). 

But when The Juice caught up with Speedsta for a chat recently, we discovered the DJ is just getting started.

"For now, the main focus is my radio show, TV show and my music career.  I have a long term plan and  things are going according to plan but in five years time we’ll be having a different discussion," he tells us.

Speedsta says his next step is to relocate to America and showcase the African continent through his music there.

"I don’t even see myself in this country in five years time. I see myself on a worldwide scale showcasing African arts, African music and our content to the world," he says.

But it’s not all global ambitions for Speedsta, who is also committed to giving back in his home town.

"I’m busy working on a series of workshops to help educate kids from my home town in the Vaal to understand the industry,” Speedsta says. “I’m also hoping to do more charity work and help others who are in need."

"I just got to the point where I realised that I had learnt so much and now I had to help others achieve, especially in my home town," he adds.