Is this not the cutest pic of Bokang and baby?

2015-12-04 18:00
Bohang and her prince (Instagram)

Johannesburg - Stop what you're doing, because we just saw the cutest baby snaps of Bokang Montjane and her baby!

Little Owethu has grown up so much and while we're used to seeing snaps from daddy Siphiwe Tshabalala and the former Miss South Africa, this picture has to take the cake.

Posting to Instagram, the beauty queen wrote: "The week that was... with my little man I can't believe how much you've grown. Mama loves you with all she has."

All together now: awww!

Check it out for yourself and prepare to get broody all over again. 

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And check out this emotional message to her baby... Aw!

Dear God : how can someone as imperfect as me receive such perfection from you... I thought I was blessed until you really BLESSED me, so funny how now I know and understand what really matters, the things that money can't buy... You really showed off this time God and really reminded me I'm still your spoilt-brat... In a world that's so fickle fake and pretentious thank you for keeping my feet on the ground!!! THANK YOU FOR TRUSTING ME WITH THIS SOUL!!! I hope I will be the best version of myself being a mother to him.,. Look at this naughty one taking a soda from me and he's probably confused coz it's closed and he's wondering how mommy drinks this thing in a can hahahaaa #Blessed #HighlyFavoured #ImNotTakingItForGrantedGod #WhenYouAreImperfectButGodBelievesYouDeservePerfection #MyGreatestBlessing ##CavaTheDimple #TemoWaMama #OwethuWaPapa #OrefileWaRena

A photo posted by Bokang Montjane (@bokang_m) on