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Jaynathan is basically SA’s answer to Brangelina

2016-04-06 09:37


Anne Hirsch with Jaynathan. (Photo: The Anne Hirsch Show)

Cape Town – YouTube (s)talk show host, Anne Hirsch, just coined a new celebrity couple name.

The online queen of stalk just rebranded Jonathan Boynton-Lee and Jay Anstey as "Jaynathan" and we’ve got to be honest we kind of like it!

According to Anne, Jaynathan is basically South Africa’s Brangelina. (FYI: Anne has a long-running obsession with Angelina Jolie)

During an interview on The Anne Hirsch show the duo tests their couple knowledge and fail miserably. What’s Jay’s favourite swear word and which celeb would Jonathan get in the sack with?

Watch the episode here to find out: