Khabonina's top 5 Easter fitness tips

2016-03-28 18:00


Khabonina (Instagram)

Johannesburg- This is probably the last thing you want to be reading about right now. 

But trust us. When the Easter weekend is over and things go back to normal, you don't want to feel guilty about all those Easter eggs. 

Everyone knows that holidays is a time for family and good food, and gym goals go out the window. 

But it doesn't have to be that way. 

We get that gym is the last thing on your mind right, so that's we've spoken to fitness guru Khabonina who has some great tips for you. 

The best part is that these tips are quick and easy, but will help those kilos stay off. 

Here's Khabonina's top five Easter fitness tips: 

1. Gossip Walk: Instead of chilling at home these holidays & gossiping with friends and family over tea filled with sugar, get some air to 'gossip' walk around the block or to the shop. You'll love the dynamics in your walk, the 'juicier' the gossip the higher the pace at which you'll walk & that's great for your heart rate. 

2. Chair squats: There will be a chair or a rock everywhere you go this Easter! So, instead of just plonking your entire self down on it immediately, just hover over it for 10 seconds in a 'squat position' before you sit! Do this 5 times and then eventually sit down.

3. Plank in bed: Before you go to sleep, try something different, get on to your bed, elbows down and lift your entire body up in plank position and hold it there for 30 seconds. You will wobble a bit but this is good because you are challenging your entire muscle structure. 

4. Find your inner kid: Get physical! You are always so formal, stuck behind your computer at work or at meetings. Then you get home and parent duty kicks in. It's great but also taxing, so these holidays play with your kids or relatives' kids. Do cartwheels, ride a bike, run, swim ir just laugh out loud and let loose. This will stimulate your fun and happy hormones making you feel more energised. 

5. Sex it up a bit: If you are lucky to be in a marriage or a committed relationship, don't be shy to spice up your sexual cardio ! This does not only strengthen your relationship but its damn healthy for your heart and soul. It's great cardio, you sweat off those toxins and work out all your muscles involved. It's a total body workout fam. P.S. All you singles ... double up on the four above points mentioned! No stress ok?!

Happy Easter everyone!

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