Khanyi Mbau on skincare products: It's a scam!

2016-04-07 11:41


Khanyi Mbau, Facebook
Khanyi Mbau (Photo: Facebook)

Cape Town – Celebs and counterfeit goods are a tale as old as time. Con artists bank on the goodwill created by a well-known name and pretend to be associated with it in order to push bad products.

In the old days these products would be sold on the streets and today they are also being sold on social media.

In the latest local twist controversial star Khanyi Mbau has been falsely associated with skincare products on Facebook. 

The actress posted the following message on her Instagram: "Warning: This is very serious! Someone is using my identity to scam woman out of money claiming they are selling facial products! I do not sell things on Social media! Be careful!"

See the post here:

Don't be fooled, fam!