Khanyi teases Pearl T over Robert Marawa

2015-11-10 15:32
Pearl Thusi, Robert Marawa (Instagram/Twitter)

Johannesburg - It's one of the hottest topics in celebville: are Pearl Thusi and Robert Marawa dating?

She's denied it several times, but the rumours coming like Dragonball Z re-runs. Everyone wants to know what's happening -  even talkshow queen, Khanyi Mbau.

When Pearl Thusi appeared on the Katch It With Khanyi talk show this week, the whole country held their collective breath in the hopes that Pearl would confirm their romance.

And full marks to Khanyi for trying! She introduced the topic by playing a game where she asked Pearl if she had ever kissed Robert Marawa.

"No! No... I wouldn't mind though," Pearl says before Khanyi teases and says she really like Robert Marawa because "there's something about the guy that's so humble, so soft."

Pearl then opened up a little about Robert saying they might work in the same building but they work at different times.

"I met him a couple of times, but I think I saw him in a black suit at an awards show the once and I was like 'Hey! What's going on?' But it's just that," Pearl replied.   

Pearl hints that she thinks Robert might be out of her league.

"I mean look at me. This is Robert Marawa! Are you being serious?" she told Khanyi.

So, there we go: the mystery continues but at least now we know if Robert is getting with Pearl she doesn't mind at all...

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