K.O: I probably see more money than a lot of these guys

2016-02-19 16:00


K.O (Instagram)

Johannesburg- Caracara rapper K.O has come out strongly to set the record straight over ongoing commentary about the challenges he's faced in the industry. 

Last month K.O was left out in the cold at this year's Metro FM Music Awards. This was not the first time the rapper has had to deal with being snubbed at prestigious awards ceremonies. 

At the time, K.O took to social media explaining that this had become the story of his life and that it is his motto to soldier on.

Now during a tell-all interview with Sowetan, K.O also addressed running commentary about his music and financial status. 

"There are people who rely on controversy and extra things to make themselves relevant in the market, it's not entirely just about the music. But for me I'm not trying to be the talk of town, I want my music to do all that stuff. I'm a very private person, I'm an introvert, I don't like people to know that much about my life. I want my music to take centre stage," he told the paper. 

K.O added that despite assumption, his music is earning him a healthy income. 

"All the energy, all the frustrations and the stress that comes with it makes me put out better music...We have solidified our business model so well that I'm seeing the type of income that I've never seen in all my life, that I never even thought existed in this music business. I will tell you this, and this is not me trying to boast, I've probably seen more money than a lot of these guys," K.O added. 

Ouch! Shots fired! 

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