KOTW's plan on 'How not to be a one-hit wonder'

2016-01-17 10:00
Kings of the Weekend (Instagram)

Johannesburg - Kings of the Weekend may have recently won the Ukhozi FM Song of the Year accolade, but they are in no mood to be a one hit wonder!

'When we look at the previous winners, the likes of Brenda Fassie, we are honoured," the group's Sphectacula tells The Juice.

But it's been a long road for the group, especially since the pair have always been seen as hip-hop DJs.

"We had to change that mindset and show people we could be more. The album was a real gamble because we released it pretty much going 'this is our sound' and giving people access to what we liked. We're just glad it got such a great response and people were able to find their own favourites on the album," Sphectacula says.

Sphectacula says that every at stage on their journey they have had to adapt and deal with challenges.

"You soon realise that there is no friends in this business. You just have to work hard and maintain your work rate. There's no loyalty," he adds.

And with their hit track, KOTW Anthem, currently on heavy rotation at radio's across the country, the group have already put a plan in place to make sure they are no one-hit wonder.

"It's a real struggle to get played on radio but some artists make the mistake of thinking, when they've reached a certain level, that radio should play their music. The thing is you've gotta keep in mind that your follow-up single must be broad like the track that got you your hit. Leave your niche tracks on your album. The tracks we've chosen to be singles in the future all follow that same formula."