Lebo M calls Don Laka to order

2016-03-10 18:00


Lebo M and Don Laka (Instagram)

Johannesburg- Renowned film producer Lebo M has slammed Don Laka for "attacking other forms of music" in an open letter. 

Last week Don Laka came into the spotlight after he took aim at radio stations and local DJs. 

The Jazz legend accused local DJs including Oskido, DJ Shimza, Mo Flava and Naves of "fraud and conflict of interest." 

The music veteran also stated that DJs are not musicians. 

This ignited widespread anger from various DJS such as Euphonik and Lulo Cafe, who called him out for the comments. (Read more on that here

Adding his voice to the debate, Lebo M has written an open letter to Don detailing his opinion on the debacle. 

"Don Laka with respect my brother I have to agree with your above comment in that, even I was offended by your attacking the "other form of music" by South African artists," Lebo wrote. 

The letter went onto to add that Lebo believes Don Laka should apologise for his comments, which he feels are "morally wrong."

The floor is yours, Don! 

Here's Lebo M's full letter....