Local stars get jolly for the silly season

2015-12-23 09:05


'Tis the season to me jolly!

Johannesburg - What’s your party trick?  "Blowing bubbles out of my eyes!",  "any night with my girls just does the trick for me",  "leaving with someone’s bae!"…yep…all’s out and caught on camera with Edgars.

In this candid tell-all campaign from Edgars, #EdgarsSeasonSorted, ten celebs share non-stop laughs and open up – but it’s not all what you’d expect.

"I’m obsessed over people’s babies. Not saying I’m planning one but they are so cute", Pearl Modiadie spills the beans in one of the campaign episodes which will be airing on TV in short ad snippets throughout the festive season.

"My set crush today is Warras, his face is just so nunus. Unfortunately his is so short but those tattoos though," Ayanda MVP teases in answer to the question 'who’s been your set crush?’.

The ads will also reveal unbeatable festive season offers and promotions as Edgars promises to have the season sorted for gifts, and party fashion for the guys and gals.

Follow the hashtag #EdgarsSeasonSorted for more information and be the first to download and discover the best deals for festive shopping.    

Good idea: wrapping your prezzies ahead of time. Bad idea: doing it blindfolded. Watch DJ Warras and Siv Ngesi wrap it like it's hot.? WATCH IT HERE!

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